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Airbag Jack to Change a Tire Answered

I have seen one before and would like to have my own super strong airbag jack.

I do not need airtank or air compressors to be considered.

I have air addressed. Just need an easy solution to the problem.

Here is one in Australia, I think



They acctually sell an exhaust jack that uses your cars exhaust see here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aILTlKPu3Zs


Nice...I like the idea of having a softgood solution. I would like to avoid a heavy and or potentially messy hydraulic solution.

Are you ready to spend nearly $300 or more on a jack for your car? Oh and that's just the cost of the jack. It doesn't include the large air compressor you'll need to go with it.

These kinds of jacks are more suited for use in a shop. Not something you'll be able to keep in your trunk for an emergency. Unless you have room in your truck for a large air compressor and also carry a good inverter to power the compressor. A smaller air compressor that can plug into your car may work but could take nearly an hour or more to inflate the jack.

This should not be $300. At all.

Airbag + Valves +Base

Maybe a gas cannister, throw a valve, up pops the jack in a few seconds?


Exactly! CO2 Bottles or a Fire Extinguishers converted will hold air.

That would be cool but it's still a lot of money to spend on a jack for changing tires. I keep a $20 hydraulic jack in my car. Affordable and a heck of a lot better than the scissor jack that comes with the car.