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Airplane dog carrier Answered

I want some ideas that you may have for a carrier.
I want to bring my Dog on an airplane but he can't ride in cargo because there is a summer ban on dogs during hot months. I must fly before the end of the ban.
The airline will allow a dog in the cabin in a soft carrier, if the dog and carrier are less than 10kg.
My dog is 7kg so the carrier can be up to 3kg.
It must be 27cm high 40cm wide and 55 cm long or smaller
the foot print is fine for my dogs they could lay down comfortably, but the height is small. I want to make a telescoping carrier so it can fit under the seat on the plane, but can open up for comfort in the airport and when moving.

Any ideas are welcome and I'll post it as my first instructable once I make it




taking a soft carry on bag, such as the one pictured, and cutting out square swatches on the ends and sewing in nylon mesh (so doggie can breath), and maybe  even some one the sides (the mesh will reduce the weight a little). 

Yeah its a pretty good idea to use something that is already made, the problem is the dogs size and the allowable dimensions. and I have not found any bags that reach the maximum of the allowable dimensions, which I want

To solve the "telescoping" problem, you could make the sides (long sides) corrugated like those expandable folders, and add a tie or Velcro strap to keep it "smaller" until you needed it expanded.