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Airsoft Equipment? Answered

Hey guys, I have an upcoming air soft field game coming up and was wondering what other gear I should get and what i should use. As of right now I have:

    Echo1 Tactical M4
    Red Dot/Flip Up/Carry Handle Sight
    Grenade Launcher/Bi pod/Fore grip


    Gas Blow-back M1911
    Modded Spring shotgun

Tactical Gear

    Camo Shirt Pants
    Mag pouch
    Tactical Backpack


First of all: the essentials gloves, main weapon M4, read dot, carry handle, fore grip, DONT bring the bipod unless you are sniping, boots, mag pouch,
M1911, backpack(put the shotgun in), If you don't like my choices dont use them! Stuff to buy defianatly glasses, and or a mask or helmet (a BB in the eye is no fun) I hope this helped you decide, and GOOD LUCK! - PotatoCoffee

and also sell the backpacks there way 2 heavy especailly when ur airsofting with a mask that fogs up and is really hot withen the 2.2 seconds u put it on

I'm going in december so it's freezing, and the backpacks are made to be light so yea it's going to hold anything else i might need: BB packs, unjammer, Repair kit, Water, food lol.

u may want a belt to have all your ecuiptment on but i think you could sell the grenade launcher. (I meen what does it help you with?) and also that is a pretty nice gun if i were u i would just keep it untill u stop airsofting and if u want to get a snper or an M4 Clear No mods because the clear m4s that i played with at my friends house was nice although on rappid fire had half a second untill u needed to reload

I hope this helped :)


6 years ago

Maybe get a mask. Maybe a speed loader. I think u pretty much have everything and more