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Airsoft Grenade? Answered

I have been looking at instructables about airsoft grenades with firecrackers, I just need to know the name of the firecrackers, and where you got them. Thanks!!


Sean C.

Best Answer 8 years ago

I've used Bunker Busters before. They're small, but have a big explosion. Most importantly, they're cheap. The last time I bought some, I bought 1 box of 100 for about $3.00. The prices might have gone up, but I don't think so. Another good grenade propelant is the M-80. Probably the most recognised firework in the world, the M-80 packs a punch. I'm not sure about the price of these. I buy my fireworks at South of the Border in South Carolina. Before you go buy any, make sure they are legal in your state.

Hope this helps!