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Airsoft Grenade Answered

Does anyone have a clue how to make an airsoft grenade?



Well if u have dry ice on you, you fould always fill up a ballon with airsoft bbs and air (untill its tight) and drop the largest peice u can find that will fit in the ballon and tye it QUICk then thro the grenade and it will either explode in the air or when it hits something u will discover that the ballon froze and knocked out your teammate ( hopefullt the first) Ps i have never tried this i just thought of it because of somethine i saw on this show on discovery called TIME WARp WARNING! BBS can get so frozen thatthey weight more and OR they dont break on high impact ( meaning it could HURT)

As much as I despise knex instructables, I was actually umpressed by the simplicity and effectiveness of this design. Fill it instead with airsoft pellets. You can use easter eggs, film canisters, or a stack of bottlecaps.