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Airsoft gun fix Answered

I bought a crappy ak-47 airsoft rifle, but it broke. Can anybody tell me how to fix it? Before you ask, what happens is it somewhat works on semi, but when it goes to full auto, it works the same as in semi. I can press the trigger very rapidly on full auto and it will go full auto. Can anyone help??


just take a screwdriver and tighten the screw in the selector switch.

it wont go to full auto if you just press it rapidly but if want to extremely hop up your gun try replacing the spring with a bigger and stronger one but make sure your motor can take the extra pressure and when there is extra pressure it will push the bb with much much more power. if u do this you might nedd a bigger rechargeable battery for the extra power.it will probably be going at 320-350fps after the hop up for a safe spring for the motor.you can get the spring at ace hardware for about a dollarbut it may be a risk because you have to take apart the gear box for this hop up.the bigger the rechargeable battery is the faster it will shoot. you can get bigger rechargeable batterys at towerhobbies.com dont get a lithium polymer battery though because theyre dangerous they blow up at up to 2000 degrees if charged wrong!!!!! i would recomend a nicd or nimh battery pack mabye a 9.6 volt or more should be good but make you dont burn out your motor!!!!!!! you should probably ask your local airsoft or hobby shop if the motor can take the pressure and high power.tell me if u ever need anything else!!!!!! i know all about electronics!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I already have a high powered rifle (aks-47), it hits close to 500 fps, I have this ak for when friends come over. I just want to know how to fix the full auto problem.

you selector plate is off. Open the gun and reajust it