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Airsoft minigun Answered

Here is an awesome easy airsoft gun I built from Nighthawkinlight. link:http:// https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-a-Full-Auto-Airsoft-Minigun-Halo-Insp/ Highly recomended!!!! I built it for about 30$. My plan i am working on right now is to use the same compressed air method to build a paintball pistol with a 8 cap mag, its working out great so far. Here are the stats for the gun pictured.

Compressed air powered!!! (to me this is awesome so i dont have to spend $ on Co2, or a battery that you need to charge)
great range 250ft!
lighter than it looks
high rate of fire 50/ sec
sturdy design
very accurate

uses ammo up quickly
kinda large
takes a while to pump



Hi Im a little confused as to how the barrel goes in. Do you just put the aluminum barrel on the edge of the reservoir where the two end caps are glued oppositely together? And what would you say the fps on this is?

Hello, on pic 2 to the right of the handle in the center of the gun, you see some tape around two end caps, the barrel fits in there and then in pic 4 i taped the barrel so it wouldn't move

FPS depends on how much you pump it up but usually around 300-400

I built one but instead of an air tank I attached it directly to the compressor!!!
130 PSI = : ) heck yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great job! Glad to see you're having fun with one of my projects. It would be cool to see a video!