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Airsoft swat Shield? Answered

I have an urban airsoft team and we want some more swat gear and i decided we'd get a shield well i need some help please and thanks


You can DIY - all you really need is a big piece of metal, wood, or plastic with a viewing window cut out and covered with lexan and a handle or loops on one side. to get fancy buy some lights made for offroad vehicles and mount them with high powered LEDs instead of conventional bulbs, a metal cage over the lights and the thing will be pretty fearsome.

Usually, sheilds are not aloud in Airsoft.

well we really don't go out to many fields... In Alabama airsoft is not so popular gut we have made several fields in our neighborhood

 Yeah, alabama and airsoft dont mix. But me and my friends play in some woods nearby, but i would love to have a shield

i saw some one make a swat shield from a plastic garbage can they cut it in half and cut a window out

I think i have an idea,but i dont have a camera so icant make an instructable. you will need: 1. 1-2 lighters 2. a bunch of plastic soda bottles(soda bottles are stronger than water bottles) 3.wire of some sort 4.some sort of strap building steps: 1.cut the top and bottom off your bottles 2.melt them together(not sure how many layers you will need) 3.use the wire to stretch it out 4.stich the straps to the sheild and if my thoughts are accurate it should work depending on how many layers you made.

I made a frame out of PVC. I wanted to cover it in lexan, or plexiglass, but I never got to the hard ware store. Use at least 1 inch PVC. otherwise, it just "droops." -PKT

Go buy a shield from the toy store and paint it.

lol, duno if that would withstand fast bb's or have a viewing glass

i was wondering the same thing i think i seen one on www.airspat.com

Take many sheets of cardboard and layer them over and then cut out a little section where you can put a THICK peice of clear plastic that wont shatter so you can still see where people are.