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Airsoft team roles Answered

IM attempting to create a airsoft team and I thought it would be good if all of us had our own roles. I have some but I am looking for more heres what i have so far
Roles I have so far:
assault gunner
suppressive fire
grenadier/Door Kicker
Designated marksman
Team leader



I realize this is almost 4 years old.

I would google what an infantry man fire team is.
Designated Marksman is also known as a sniper, Suppressive fire is also known as machine gunner. I'm not sure what you mean by assault gunner when each member including the team leader and grenadier is carrying assault riffles.

Scouts is a complete different job and not part of a fire team. CQC is a tactic and not a person.

What's the difference between assault gunner and CQC?