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Airsofters? HELP ME!!! Answered

i want (and need) a good airsoft machine gun, any ideas? (under $50 would be the best) also ihere that the gun(s) in the pics are crap is this true???


If you are new to airsofting and just want to see if you like it then this is a very good gun for you because if you decide that you don't like it then you didn't throw away $400 for an amazing airsoft gun that you will never use. If you have already tried airsoft and know you like it then I would not get guns like these. Shop for a LPEG or MPEG level gun. A good website for airsoft guns and other related items is www.airsplat.com/. Hope this helps.Have fun airsofting!

ok, i've heard good and bad about both of those guns in the pictures.  Really, if you want a reliable gun that will last for a while, dont take a chance with these.  They both have plastic gearboxes, actually most of the gun is plastic.  Plus, the smaller one is gravity fed, so there goes any chance of reliable sights.  If you want a good, longer lasting starter AEG, try www.airsplat.com or www.arisoftpost.com <-actually Evike.com.  Both of these websites have guns of all types, but the cheapest in the mid-level class that i've seem is around $85 (dont bother with entry level, they are about the same as the ones in the pictures you have).  Even though they are a little more evpensive, they are higher powered, and they are customizable and upgradeable to at least a small extent (internals and/or externals). 

I bought that one. It's okay but isnt really a machine gun.

neither of those are that great...

Those guns in the picture are not good quality at all. MY friend has the one in the bottom right corner and it broke in a couple months. The one on top is very week and slow also. If you want a good gun under 50$ i would recommend either: A. Saving up your money and getting a good automatic later. B. Buying a spring shotgun OR a spring TSD m14 ( they are a really strong gun for under 50$) C. or just get a couple pistols (around 275 fps will do for a springer)

I got a Pistol Grip Pump shotgun for around 50 bucks its a beauty!

the shotguns r all pump action...im pretty sure

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whats ur verdict??? did ur test work??

no you can not shoot upwards for a long period of time and you cant hold it upside down in any way (AT ALL)! the non automatic shotgun you can tho!


9 years ago

the first one is pretty cool! i have 2 they shoot nice and fast but the down side is they need like 2-4 batteries. but it is pretty sweet n all...

what about the second?? and can you shoot them upside down cuas theyr gravity fed/?

the second one im not sure about but the first one is only gravity fed so you can hold it pile at maybe a 45 degree angle from straight upwards.

the reason i ask is cuas i move alot. we play in big boxes so u need 2 duck alot or just runn!

no and apparently they are not very reliable to have a bullet come out every time!!!!!

o...i will go test it for u! brb!