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Alarm clock mod Answered

I took apart my alarm clock and took out the speaker and put in a headphone jack. Now it can wake me up and i was wondering if someone could help me figure out what the specific alarm electric thing looks like. I want it to be able to set off a motor that pulls off my sheets. I know absolutely nothing about circuit boards and things like that. any info would help. thanks


Why not put on a very long wire to the headphones and place them on your mothers ears when she is asleep. When the alarm goes off I'm sure the sheets will be flying off you in no time and you'll be awake at the same time.

Take the headphone cord and plug that into a block of C4....no, don't do that...

You might be able to use the audio signal if you set your alarm to wake to the audio or find if there is a separate piezo buzzer on the circuit board.  Use that to wire up to a relay circuit of some sort.  The alarm ringing will trigger the relay to work the motor and mechanism to move the sheet.

Of course, look up Rube Goldberg type devices to actuate things.  Good luck.