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All my HTML disappeared Answered

I noticed that everything I've done in HTML has disappeared from all of my Instructables!!! These are several featured and 1st/grand prize winning Instructables that I custom formatted in HTML for best effect. Can you please restore them? Will re-activating my Pro membership automatically restore them? If not, can you please restore it for me from a database backup or something?



The HTML for your projects is viewable with the rich editor under 'source', however the rich editor is a feature only available to Pro Members.

Reactivating your Pro Membership will give you access to the rich editor in all of your Instrucatbles, from there you can access the HTML.

I already know I can get that feature by re-activating my Pro membership, that's not the problem.

The problem is that all my content have now ALREADY DISAPPEARED from the pages being displayed.

Why would you take away content that have already been written?

I want you guys to restore my original content because I do not have a copy.

I have looked at a few of your Instructables and they display fine for me. We would never deliberately interfere or edit anyone's Instructable without their direct consent.

Can you point me to a specific Instructable where you are seeing this problem? Also what browser and OS are you using?

A lot of my images are inserted inline using HTML, not your upload tool.

For example, see step 8 of https://www.instructables.com/id/USB-PCB-Business-Card/ , you can clearly read where I meant to have images.

Another location, step 9 of https://www.instructables.com/id/RC-Quadrotor-Helicopter/ , there are supposed to be a ton of images, and a formatted bill-of-materials using a HTML table, now it just a big mess starting with "Part ListPartOther AttributesIdentifiersQuantity RequiredExample ProductATmega644PA40 pin plastic "

All of my "pre" tags are also gone, these were used to format code blocks to support non-breaking spaces and show code in a monospace font with a border around them

I've submitted this to Development Team at HQ, we re looking into this.


Any idea why the pictures disappeared and can you get them back? I would have saved them if I knew they would be removed. I want the picture of the USB connector.

Thank you for your help.

The pictures still exist on the server and are not lost, you can request the URL for the pictures from the author of the Instructable.

The author told me that his original picture of the USB connector with dimensions does not show up for him either. I check the again and the original picture is still not there.


hey I'm super busy right now, but here's my directory to a lot of my images


Wow! Awesome. Thank you for the access to the images. I found the one I wanted. Good luck with your projects!

Also I know it's not a browser problem because I'm examining the source code I'm getting from your server. Also, another user specifically made a comment indicating he was confused since an image is missing.

If you must know, I use Google Chrome.