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Alligator Chopper Answered

Jim Jablon made this GatorBike with the body of a dead alligator. Now he's going to raffle it off to raise some money for his wildlife rehabilitation center.

These photos are only in the daylight. I'm hoping that he did something cool with the lights. Would be pretty sweet to see this thing cruising at night with a nice glow inside the gator's mouth.



Which feed did you get this from? I picked it up off the day before the day before today's news (on the bus)...


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Is this the dry British humor I've heard so much about?

Ah, those delicate colonial American sensibilities...

You'll dry faster with a towel you know. Fantastic things.

 It's breakfast in America, think of it as rehash and egg on his face.


8 years ago

Thats kind of ironic.. I hope the Alligator was already dead.