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Alltrax AXE vs SR? Answered

I am working with a team at my university of a solar powered boat which is powered using 100lbs maximum of lead-acid batteries. I'd like to thank you for this lesson, it'll be much easier to educate new club members the ins and outs of working with the drive system we have in the future! I've been on the team for years and we used a ton of the same knowledge you have in this class, though we are working with even more powerful motors. Last year we upgraded form a roughly 4KW peak ME0708 to a 16KW peak 5hp continuous Lynch motor, which is still a brushed DC motor but very light and efficient. It was extremely expensive and with a 36V system it basically maxes out the 400A rating on our current controller, the Alltrax AXE 4844.

I was wondering if you would recommend getting one of the new Alltrax SR controllers if we have it in our budget this year? Aside from the current rating issue, the serial to usb conversion needed to program the AXE barely works at all on Windows 10, is officially unsupported after Vista, and from the above it seems the interface is 100x better for the new SR controllers.

[I'm sure you and others may be interested to see out boat from last competition so I'm including a couple images. The entire hull was made by our team with cedar strip wood, and the drivetrain is converted from a gas outboard motor with the mechanical pulley-belt system machined by hand as well :) ]



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I don't have personal experience with the AXE product line, but I did use its immediate successor, the SPM product line. I would say that the SR controller (2 generations past the AXE controllers) is the easiest one I have dealt with thus far.

One thing I like better about the SPM controller was that it had separate pins exclusively for the main contactor.

Otherwise, I like the software interface on the SR one, and find it easy to work with.


8 months ago

I would like to see your boat making a wake in the water..

I don't have any good video of it at the competition but here is our maiden voyage for testing with the old motor. It's some nice drone footage courtesy of a teamate who worked with a drone company owner for his senior project.


Hey thats cool & Impressive !

A couple of plastic soda bottles and a heat gun might help those outriggers slice water..

Like I said, this was one of our first on the water tests. The outriggers were made entirely like 12 hours prior to that test, we actually ended up using insulation foam with proper wedged cut into it among several other changes before we got to competition. The photos I posted before were actually at competition and show the remaining changes we made (though some were done last minute when things broke during the races)