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Almost Realistic Major Wound FX for Under $0.50US Answered

Just a bit of a survey. Would an I'ble on this be worth it?
Or should I, work on the technique some more.

My aim is to create semi-realistic wounds for minimal cost, that can be applied as this was 20mins before kids turned up. Turned out after the first boy, the wound was just too scary for under 16's. I had to cover it up, until later at night when the hoodlems came out.

This was last Halloween, took 15mins and cost $0.50US all up...

Is it good enough to deserve an I'ble? I know there are plenty, if not too many FX I'bles,  yet all seem to induce some significant cost and/or having to locate "not normal" products.

Comments / critique welcomed, as I want to improve this moreso.


All that for under a dollar? Please post the instructable.

Post an Instructable! And always remember <a href="https://www.instructables.com/community/The-answer-is-almost-always-YES---AKA-Kitemans/">Kiteman's law....</a> :-)

Yes Kiteman's law is fine, but I was more interested in whether thetopic had been done to dead or not... 

I have yet to see an impressive FX Instructable like this without alarge cost. Definitely post it!

Of course!
You put red-ooze on it for the finished effect?