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Alternate uses for nebulizer? Answered

Can I make an  air brush ?  Ideas, please.


Screw drinking alcohol and puking! Nebulize it! Get your drunk on in about 5min or less! Careful not to overdo it! Don't die from alcohol poisoning!!

air brush no, not enough pressure.

Humidifier possibly.

Use it for the intendet purpose and it might survive.

2 answers, both judgmental. The nebulizer in question is old, used but not useless, though nobody wants it. I'd rather repurpose it than throw it away. A sharpening system made from a belt sander or washing machine would be okay, but not this?

Thanks for the help.

It is not about being judgemental, but about what is possible.
Take the air volume for starters : Only needs to be sufficient for normal breathing, so maybe not even 10L per minute.
Then there is the pressure: As there is little work that needs to be done you won't get much pressure out of these things.

An old nebulizer,

is essentially an air pump, and I am guessing that it can be repurposed for tasks that involve moving air, or other gases.

Moreover I am guessing the nebulizer pump will be best suited for jobs that require low pressure, but large volume.

As an example, an aquarium pump, for bubbling air through water, for to put oxygen into the water, so the fish can breath easier, is a pump of this kind.

Also you could probably use it for filling inflatable toys like beach balls and air mattresses.

As a counterexample, because of too high pressure required, a pump for filling car tires with air, requires relatively high pressures (around 2 to 4 atm, or 30 to 60 PSI), and that might be too high for the nebulizer pump.

I do not know what kind of pressure and volume flow is required for this thing you call, "air brush"


but, you know, if that is what you want to build, maybe you should try that, or at least learn more about it.


6 months ago


Thanks, most nebulizers generate a microparticle fog cloud for inhaling.

fog can be generated by a piezo platform, heat steamers or spray nozzle
that can plug with dissolved water salts, which is why using distilled water is required...

Perhaps if you had spray nozzle pump could have some interesting application but it is a low volume pressure type..


6 months ago

If your playing around with a nebulizer and it may break. You can try to mount a small airbrush regulator, hose and airbrush, the back pressure may kill the nebulaizer compressor. If you really want to airbrush and buy the airbrush, hose and regulator, you will just have to add a airbrush compressor and your there anyway if it doesn't work.