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Alternative scrolling methods Answered

Here's one to challenge your creativity. I read a lot of blogs, engadget, lifehacker etc... and these are mainly long pages of text and images. I've become bored of using a plain ole mouse wheel to scroll down and so i'm looking to make something overall cooler or easier to use. Note the use of OR before reading the next bit. I've had an idea of one method. Get one of those realistic fake cats that breathes and put the scroller in it's back. Then you can cradle it in your arms Dr. No style and stroke it's back, all the while scrolling down a page of your choice. I also thought of somehow making the whole right side of my desk a massive scrollbar, but it would be a bit complicated for my liking. So what do you think? Do you have any good ideas for ways to scroll down a page? Think everyday actions that involve some sort of scrolling motion, and keep it work safe.


Right, I've cracked it. I made my own version of the Griffin Powermate, and it works brilliantly for long distance scrolling. It even has enough momentum to flick and scroll. It gets sweeter, I can use Volumouse to adjust the volume using it by pressing the CTRL button and scrolling up/down.

That's pretty cool. I'd need to find somewhere to get a fairly heavy machined metal wheel with decent bearings for momentum. Perhaps an old VCR?

i own one of those, it is exactly what your looking for! does the trick no problems. i would recommend - if your in the uk, im planning on selling mine.


10 years ago

I was going to dismantle an old mouse and turn the scroll wheel into a giant jog wheel that would sit flat on my desk (I do a lot of scrolling text at work) but I found out my space-age Shuttle workstation has 8 USB ports but no PS/2 so it's on hold until I get a convertor or an unwanted USB mouse. A big flat jog wheel is a slightly nicer motion than scrolling a mouse scroll wheel. If you wanted to be really new-agey you could attach one to a pair of bike pedals and turn them with your feet to scroll...

The pedals sound cool, a set of pedal attached to my office chair would look sweet :D

Hmm... I have some chips that are for making those iPod-esque click wheels. Although they're circle-based, they also have linear scroller chips too...

That + arduino = scrolling method!!

SPI or I2C. Either one isn't too hard to decode.

The hardest part is actually making the strip. It needs to have varying resistance and stuff.

Oh SPI i'm fine with. I'll do some digging on making the strip.

Its just a bunch of pads next to each other, but you need to get certain resistance & stuff. It wouldn't be hard to do 100 times, but just 1 might be tricky.

I have an idea but I'm not sure how to implement it, I need a mouse or something that has a function allowing constant scrolling, a second keyboard isn't a simple way to do this either...

even on secondary inputs, like the hot keys for winamp, which were additional buttons, if so then I can do my idea...

Quite possibly, it is pretty powerful. If else fails, a secondary keyboard could do it, just rip the circuit out and solder directly to the board.

Sounds goo, I have a little idea for a steam punk computer but also just for a cool interface...

It would be better with something taxidermied. Not so sure about how to do it

I think it could be done. Get on it!