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Alternatives to 3d printing for electric violin? Answered

So I have this project that I've really been wanting to start for a while now. Essentially, I'd like to 3d scan one of these:


...and then have it fabricated with my own customizations implemented. The reason I chose to go the scanner route is because I know nothing about woodworking and I really like this design. I'd like to make some custom modifications to the body on the computer and then have the 3d file fabricated somehow. My question is, are there any good alternatives for fabrication for such replication? I think CNC might be an option, but if I go that route I would assume I couldn't make the instrument hollow. The reason I dont want to do 3d printing is because I want the violin to be made out of 1 solid piece of material which would require a huge build volume, I cant afford a printer like that. Also the prints require too much post production and I want something really polished and professional looking. It it turns out well I plan to make a few of them. I have the electronics already taken care of I just no nothing about instrument making... if anyone could shoot some ideas at me that would be great!



4 years ago

Fiberglass would be one option.

Also, I have doubts that an electric violin would be of hollow body construction. Most electric violins (like electric guitars) are solid body, which helps to tame feedback generated by the high volume levels of amplification. Or possibly a hybrid, semi-hollow body. Many electric violins eliminate the body entirely, except for a basic structure and necessities like a chin rest (and/or to suggest the traditional shape).

Of course the instrument can be hollow. But I suspect that's not the most "sound" approach, unless you're trying for a very traditional sound at low volumes...

You could have your design lasercut on sheets of plywood and then stack laminate them together for the depth of shape.

IANAL (I am not a luthier) you can make hollow objects with the right type of CNC milling tools and the right definition of hollow...violin hollow is something that I'd imagine would be exceptionally difficult without building a highly customized milling machine....of course, it being an electric violin....it shouldn't particularly need to be hollow and a quick search seems to suggest that there's no need for it to not be a solid body instrument.

you're going to need to do a bunch of finishing on the object no matter what you make it out of....but I would imagine any solid body instruments like the one you pictured that are made in any reasonable volume would be done on a CNC mill