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How to grind or shred aluminum cans? Answered

Greetings, I'm am looking for methods to grind or shred up aluminum cans enough to be put in a ball mill (rock tumbler with steel balls in it) to make aluminum powder. I read that a stone grinder will cause it to melt. I read that aluminum foil can be ground in a blender then put in a ball mill, but I think aluminum cans might be too thick? Thanks


Try chopping it up with scissors first, then use a cheap blender that will never see food again.

I've tried that before it doesn't work well it chops it into chunks then it gets stuck in the blender and kills the blender

That is a good idea, I will try that! :)
When I find a cheap blender or find a working one in a skip...


9 years ago

I run aluminum foil through a small paper shredder then run it in an old blender. Makes a pretty fine powder and small grain that way.

Don't use a grinding wheel or any other grinder intended for metal. You will load the disc and it WILL explode!

Greetings, I am hoping for a method not very time consuming. A machine that shreds aluminum? Maybe hand-cranked? A machine that does this: