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Aluminum Foam: A new age material for people Answered

So i thought i'd start a thread on Metal foams.
For those of you that don't know what it is i offer the following links:

Looking through the forums, I figured this could be something pertinent to a DIYer's interest, since metal foams, specifically Aluminum foam, is strong, light, and relatively cheap.

The fact that it marries with advanced composite materials science is kind of an added secondary bonus.

I'm personally interested in this sort of stuff because i want to make an ultralight aircraft and this stuff could be used to accomplish that... but that's sort of something that's tangental to most that'd find info on Foamed Aluminum interesting.



5 years ago

It depends on fabrication techniques abit but, in general, Closed Cell metal foam tends to not have that issue. It's also heavier and more dense, so it kinda comes down to how often the piece you're working on is going to be touched.

After that, if you were using it as the skeleton for a lightweight composite it's sensitivity to touch would be somewhat moot, since there'd be a harder, less sensitive material in between the handlers and the aluminum.


it is a magic product man.but if u have idea some information about production processes of aluminum foam i will appreciate that.

I love the idea of aluminium foam but bloody hell, consumery amounts are not by any means cheap...

It depends on what you're comparing it to, but it's also a newer material.
There's aluminum forges posted here on instructables; if you could get ahold of TiH2 you could probably make your own foamed aluminum.

That was my thought on the matter - make it...

I suppose it'll drop in price as production scales as well...

Isn't metal foam quite easy to damage?

And to give a more indepth response...

They go over the processing of different foamed metals, and give foamed aluminum special emphasis. it's really quite in-depoth. Lamenated aluminum is talked about abit in the powder area of the article.