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Aluminum Pipe Bed size Queen Answered

After reading an instructables on how to make a bed frame that was industrial strength, my husband built me this bed frame. Six years later, our dear dog can no longer jump onto the bed. We're selling this bed to move to something larger and lower to the floor.
The joint parts are pretty expensive, and he spent around $400 on the fittings and railing. We're asking $300 Cash only, you pick up. We are in the Mills, Oakland Hills area.  SO, all in all, you'd be buying a pre-cut kit for the canopy style bed that has a feature here on the instructables website. You're more than welcome to email me directly. gaytha dot watley at gmail dot com.



That's an awesome idea! I wasn't sure if doing so was okay. I'm not sure how to cross-link on here... I can try. :) Thanks! xoxo

In your browser, you can see the URL of this forum topic. Copy and paste it. Go to the original I'ble and create a comment. In that comment, mention that you built the project and want to sell the components, and include a link back to here. You can do that in the "Rich Editor" by highlighting the text you want to use as a link, clicking on the "globe and chain" icon, then pasting the URL (see my first sentence) into the popup window.

You might consider cross-linking to this forum topic by posting a comment to the original instructable. The pictures of your version are great; congratulations on getting so much good use out of it!