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Aluminum bronzing powder Answered

Ok, i need aluminum bronzing powder, no not for thermite, there are more fun things to do with it, but along the same lines. The only problem is at all my local crafts stores, hardware stores and paint stores, no one sells it. I thought about using an etch-e-sketch but big ones are hard to find, kinda expensive if i wanna buy 5+ and also, half the powder is not fine at all. Grinding up aluminum foil isn't gonna work for me becasue i can't find a ball mill under $100 (not even a crap one), and i sure as sh-- ain't gonna sit there filing it off a bar. Parents aren't going to let me buy it off the internet (i wouldn't any way the prices are outrageous and they limit how much u can buy a year), electrolysis maybe? But what would i use? A battery charger? Or are their secret code names that they sell it under at hardware/paint stores? HELP



7 years ago

It's many years now since it was found that CTC was carcinogenic and kills brain cells. find something else.


10 years ago

I'm also looking for carbon tetrachloride if any one can help with that too.


Reply 7 years ago

The liquid in lava lamps used to be carbon tet although I'm not sure if lava lamp companies have switched it out with something else. It normally has a sweet smell if that helps.


Reply 9 years ago

You could ask Douglas and Sturgiss.

They sell artists materials. Mainly supplies for sculpture, casting and mold making. Stuff like silicone, plaster, resins, urethane, waxes, clays,... They also have some Bronzing Powders that are used on sculptures. I have never noticed Aluminum bronzing powder so I'm not sure it is even used in sculpture.

They do have something called Atomized Aluminum - seems like "Atomized" means powdered.

The website is not very complete but you can check there and send a message: http://www.artstuf.com/

Really great people!

730 Bryant Street
San Francisco, CA