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Am I a bad uncle? Answered

So it's 5.18 in the mourning and I'm meant to be baby sitting my nephew, I have however discovered he is 100 times better then me at call of duty 4, he's only 7 by the way, so I'm letting him stay up way later then he's meant to be because he boosting my stats way thurther then I'd be able to do in a whole week. So, am I a bad uncle? He seems to be enjoying himself.



Horrible, simply inexcusable......it's the rack for you !


Well, if it isn't EVERY night, and as long as he doesn't have something important to "attend to" early in the morning.....*shrug*

Like I said he's quite happy, I ask him if he's tired and he says no. .....my sister is going to kill me tomorrow.

You know I was just teasing in that first sentence, right ? :-)

oh yes, it's my sister I'm worried about mate!!! LOL, I've gained 6 ranks in less then an hour though, the kid is a wizard!!

Me? no I don't sleep to much to be honest these days, always feel like I'm missing something when I'm in bed.

None at all? You didn't even doze off for a while? Because if you did you could tell your sister that you fell asleep and then woke up and he was playing call of duty 4.

Ah the mind of a woman is devious and complex (click to enlarge):

Womans Mind.gif

although ive never seen my mind im pretty sure thats what it looks like :)

O.o Lol, one of the things thinks the guy near the top's head is a ball.

Nah the guy is represented by the little fellow down in the lower right hand corner, lifting a box full of stuff, but never really getting it to his partner (the ball drops out of the bottom of the box) :-)

Well if anyone is interested, my sister didn't kill me, she weren't very happy though, she has been making little jibes all day about how tired he looks(looked fine to me), anyway if anyone here got wasted by sinstar69 on free for all in the last two days it was my nephew and not me, he is a savage little sniper!!

What level are you? I'm 53, and a sniper/LMG.

Oh, and so long as you don't give him a mike, it's fine, I guess. (You do mean XBL right?)

oh no I would'ent give him a mike, this time of night it's all you americans swearing at each other, lol.

Or just screaming into the mike :P. One of my favorite quotes: "I do not use a mike. Why try to impose tactics to a team full of morons?"

I got it when it came out, it's not that high, really. I've seen level 54 level five prestige (Leveled up to 55 five times).

jeeez, its like that south park episode, some people really do have no life!

Umm i dont think so....and it for COD 4 so that makes it all the better just make sure he cattches up on his sleep :)

Why don't you just go ask him who his favorite uncle is?

Did he stay up all night?

Oh. Well then. Tell him that when he gets tired he should go to bed.

With all that adrenalin going? He might not get tired until mid-day the next day LOL

he has to go to bed at so stage even i am good at cod3

This is a skating website not a game website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As long as it's not a school night, and a one-off, or a rarity, you're fine. Actually, it probably makes you a cool Uncle (every parents' nightmare).

As long as it is a weekend, and nothing important the next day, I suppose it is fine. I guess you just don't tell your sister.

a xbox360 is so much better x box rocks

i got a ps3, is COD4 worth the 60 bucks? btw no ur not a bad uncle. uncles are meant to let there nephews have fun and do things there parents wont let em do.

as you get older you generally get worse at video games, let him have his golden years, lol. I don't know how I did it but I beat a legend of zelda, a link to the past when I was 4, lol