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Am looking for Erector (Meccano) sets or K'nex sets...updated Answered

but haven't a lot of "resources", so mostly unwanted sets that I could pay shipping to take them off your hands. They are for special "classes" /  tutoring segments
I am having with an Asperger's Syndrome child.  (NOT the one in the video....

I am working on a wide variety of projects for the youngster.  From "squishy circuits" to robotics, to chemistry and metalurgy, but she has a keen interest in dinosaurs and Roman history, and I am a bit lost on Roman history....any suggestions on how to get THAT worked into an interesting project?

Thank you Gmoon for stepping up to the plate and getting me started on this project.  It will mean the WORLD to my wonderfully attentive student :-)


Hey man, im an Aspie. PM me your address if you feel so inclined, ill send you what i have.

Thank you SO much, you can probably understand better than many others, how important this is to her. She needs constant challenge and stimulation, and LOVES to construct things. PM sent.


6 years ago

You want, Mike? The motor even works, I tested it (couldn't tell you the actual voltage rating, though--3V maybe?)

I think the box has a combo of the set I owned as a kid, and a few parts I found at a garage sale a few yrs ago.

They won't get any use here. PM me.


Hey that would be great, ty. PM'd

No worries--PM answered.

You might want to mention "Meccano". Thats what they call Erector sets here...

I grew up on "Meccano" in Paris France.


Yes, Meccano was great. So were those round, transparent parts (from a different company I think), that you could connect together. They had all the gears and wiring built inside the parts, so that when you connected them together with the motor it would move and do whatever you were making... ah, so many memories. (I wish I could remember what they were called).

Those look neat, but what I remember was very different. There was at least a dozen pieces that remind me of clear plastic Christmas ornaments. They had 4 tube like connector ports on each piece (at a North-South and an East-West location). Each part had an axel (or axels) inside the ball shaped parts with some gears to allow for movement when these ball shaped parts were connected together. One of the balls had a motor inside and there were a set of wheels and a propellor (If I remember correctly). I just can't remember what they were called... but my brother and I played with them and had a lot of fun, because you could build them in many different ways, and all the mechanisms were safely inside the parts... I tried to Google it, but with my search words, I got nothing...

I only ever heard of them being called Erector Sets, but I haven't been out of the country except to Canada. Thanks for enlightening me.

meant to add this to the comment below:
When you post your ads, be sure to include all the names the set has been called over the years, so that people of all ages will understand what you are looking for.

Erector sets have been erector sets in my country since I was a very little tyke....I didn't know they'd gone by any other name.

Go to freecycle.com and also kijji. Both sites are frequented by people willing to give things they no longer need to people that do. Explain why you need them, and I think people will get the word out. Both sites are free to join. At freecycle,nothing can be sold-no money is to cross any hands at any part of the transaction. Lots of items on kijji are for sale, but you can also ask for donations. It's perfectly acceptable. Perhaps a toy store would donate one given the circumstances. Also does the Autism society (since Aspergers is on the Autism spectrum) have a toy lending library? Or does your public library have a toy lending library?

Love that you are mentoring this child Mike!