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Amana LG 4409 Gas dryer. Will start for 2-5 sec then shut off not he door switch. Any ideas? Answered

Tried leaning on door whn starting still shut of. Was working onday then nothing. Cleared lint screen and back of unit.



These things use Ionic flame detectors, rather than thermocouples, so they shut down really fast/

IS it lighting, then going out ? 

 It's also possible that the ignition system isn't working properly and the gas isn't lighting.  The machine will shut itself off as a safety measure.  In any case, this isn't really something you should attempt to repair yourself unless you're trained to do so; a mistake could mean a gas leak, fire, or explosion.

At a wild guess, sounds to me like the safety thermocouple that checks that the gas has actually lit.

But that's only a guess. This is not something I'd want to debug remotely; the risks involved in getting it wrong are nontrivial.