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Amazon Giftcards??? Answered

So according to amazon, their gift cards do not apply to third party sellers, only to stuff they stock. Is there any way to have the prizes as "special gift cards" or Amazon credit that would be usable for third party sellers?



11 years ago

If you owned a business and were offering a prize it wouldn't make sense for you offer a prize from a different business. That would force you to pay the full retail price to the other business instead of the wholesale price you get for your inventory. With a typical markup of 2-3 times the price for items (i have no idea what amazon's markup is) if you give something away from your inventory that would have cost the customer $100 you're only really out 33-50 dollars. Since Amazon doesn't own those other businesses they would be out the full retail cost of the item. You could perhaps sell the giftcard for slightly less than the full value and then use that money to shop at the other stores though.