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Amazon.com® and Instructables Science Fair Results! Answered

Amazon.com® and Instructables are pleased to announce the winners of the Science Fair!

The entries were sweet, and I personally learned quite a few new things. Check out all the projects here.

Grand Prize
The grand prize winner for will receive a USD $1,500 Amazon.com gift certificate, a custom laser-etched Leatherman Juice S2 multi-tool, and an Instructables Robot t-shirt.

The Rubens' Tube: Soundwaves in Fire! by yourtvlies

First Prize
Each first prize winner will each receive a USD $250 Amazon.com gift certificate, a custom laser-etched Leatherman Juice S2 multi-tool, and an Instructables Robot t-shirt.

Build an antique style crystal radio by Ohm
Wiimote Rubens Tube: Control Fire With Sound! (And a Nintendo Wiimote!) by ScaryBunnyMan
Kitchen laboratory II: The CO2 trap by syribia
The Hilsch vortex tube by thecheatscalc

Runners Up
The runners-up will each receive a USD $25 Amazon.com gift certificate, an Instructables patch, and stickers.

A simple mechanical resonance demonstrator by 5Volt
How to make plastic by aa
Preparing your own thin layer chromatography plates (and then using them) by allanf0
Make a Voltage Controlled Resistor and Use It by Biotele
Electromechanical Transducer Out of a Polystyrene Conical Section! by Bookburn
Make Potato Plastic! by Brandon121233
The Bio-Battery - Power for the future. (So easy a 10 year old can do it.) by chowdeshell
Motor Speaker by guyfrom7up
How to make air muscles! by Honus
Measure the drag coefficient of your car by iwilltry
Barbie Doll Electric Chair Science Fair Project! by jessyratfink
Make an Evaporative Terra Cotta Beer Chiller by jolshefsky
Be a scientist: make your own force meter. by Kiteman
8X10 foldable pinhole camera by lennyb
Building a better Guinea and Feather by Luke Luck
Growing Mushrooms: PF Tek by nak
Kelvin's Thunderstorm - Create lightning from water and gravity! by NK5
Be a Scientist: Learn about Triboluminescence (or Lightning in your by RedNeckOreo
Let's go green! Build a Solar Powered Parabolic Cooker! by Weissensteinburg
Geodesic Dome Greenhouse by yes2tech

Family Collaboration
These collaborating families will receive a matched set of Instructables Robot t-shirts and an acrylic Robot plaque laser-engraved with their names!

The Bio-Battery - Power for the future. (So easy a 10 year old can do it.) by chowdeshell
Launch it: the Huffin' Hoopster by Kiteman

All winners should watch their inboxes for a private message with prize-claim instructions.

The following Instructables were rated high enough to be runners-up, but the authors already had a winning entry:
Hack The Spy Ear and Learn to Reverse Engineer a Circuit by Biotele
Build a solar hot dog cooker by iwilltry
Measure the specific heat of water and other fluids by iwilltry
Be a Scientist: map your skin by Kiteman
The Chaos Machine (Double Pendulum) by Luke Luck
Kitchen laboratory: Proteins and Cheese making by syribia
Make Rheopectic slime in less than 15 minutes! (It is not Oobleck) by syribia

Give a big round of applause to our awesome judges who spent hours going through each project:
Bill Burkland, CameronSS, canida, dan, dave spencer, ewilhelm, fungus amungus, jeffkobi, KaptinScarlet, lebowski, noahw, Peanut, turkey tek, viron, and zieak.

From complete voting results, go here.

Amazon, Amazon.com and the Amazon.com logo are registered trademarks of Amazon.com Inc. or its affiliates.


waiting for my stickers and patch waiting for my stickers and patch waiting for my stickers and patch waiting for my stickers and patch waiting for my stickers and patch when will they come?

Hey, I got my stuff! the leatherman is AWESOME! I love the engraving!

Just out of curiosity, have any of the other winners heard from Amazon yet?

Checking at least twice a day :D I have already got a list of things I want. I would have thought they would have had them out by the end of last week.


10 years ago

Is someone trying to scam the winners?

I found this, not in my email, but in my inbox here on Instructables.

from: fungus amungus
when: Sep 11, 2007. 4:35 PM
subject: How to claim your Science Fair prize

Congratulations on winning the runner-up prize in the Science Fair Contest! You've won a USD $25 Amazon.com gift certificate, an Instructables patch, and Instructables stickers.

All you have to do to claim your prize is respond with your name and mailing address so that we can get all of your prizes to you. That's it!


I replied with my real name of "IAmNot A Sucker"

Don't be silly.

Ed, also known as Fungus Amungus, works at Instructables. Check the about page.

I see. Thanks for clarifying that. Seemed rather suspicious that they would do that with the inbox and not an official email from Instructables or Amazon. Just being cautious. Too many scams out there, and I haven't fallen for one yet.

Over the course of our contests, I've found that we get a higher response rate when we send PMs over sending emails to the address we have in the database. You heard that right, sometimes people didn't claim their prize when we sent them an email. So, we always send PMs now.

hmm, intersting, Honestly, unless I had the settings to "give email when reply/PM is sent" I'd never know anything had happened!

it's valid. I got mine from "noahw" and it gave me a complete list of what to do to claim the prizes ect. and just to show it wasn't fake, I was given a coupon (not sharing that, don't think that would go over well) and after entering it for the shirt and leatherman, the price was 0.00. I'd say that's real. If you don't believe me, I've got a screen shot of it for records purposes.

fungus amungus is one of the judges. and your name is on the winning list. id say the email was valid


10 years ago

Congrats to everyone that won, I think there were quite a few great projects, some of which I am scrounging around for parts for, Rubens tube and 8x10 foldable pinhole camera.

Wooouuu I won a first prize. Thank you I'm very happy. This was an awesome contest with great projects. Congratulations to everyone :)

hey, I just got my contest redeem mail in the inbox, everyone start checking!!!

There should be more contests like this. Some of these were worthy to be laser cutter finalists. Great entries, everyone! And look, they even put my name first on the judges! Oh wait, it's alphabetical. Darn it! I'm not special, after all!


This was a truly awesome contest!

I hope to see even more awesome projects in the future!


I won again! The boys won! Sweet!

(Settles down to watch mailbox)


They're going to be so happy when it comes!

Mailbox watching > Big Brother any day xD

wahoo! :D But congrats everyone! especially congrats yourtvlies, definitely the best one! twas a fair win! PS: darn it... now how am I going to get back to my homework?!?


10 years ago

Eccellente , congratulations to all of the winners; well deserved grand prize and first prizes.
Thanks a lot to all of the voters.


10 years ago

Congratulations everyone! I had a lot of fun with this contest and really learned a lot. :D Thanks to the Instructables team for putting together another great contest and a big thanks to Amazon for sponsoring it!

Congrats everyone!

Congrats everyone!

I just about fell over when I read the results. I'm so thrilled! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Congratulations to everyone!

Yay! Congrats, everyone!