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Amigurumi doll Answered

Hi Everybody, 
I'm new to this forum and I was wondering if I could get some help... It'd be very much appreciated. So Ive just recently taken up amigurumi and Ive done some basic things like poke balls and mario mushrooms, easy enough. However,I want to move on to makng dolls. In particular I want to make a Naruto doll like the one in the link Ive attached. Im finding it difficult to find a pattern for this exact shape of doll though, and also I think I would like to make it smaller anyway.... would anyone be able to give me any advice on this? Actually if anyone knew of any video tutorials on making this shape doll that'd be even better. Also, regarding the colour change in the body, I know how to do a basic colour change where you would have say a row of red and then you change it to white so that the whole next row is white, but if you look at this doll there's a line of black going vertically up his torso and Im not sure how I would go about this type of colour change? It seems complicated?
Like I said I would be sooooo grateful for any help anyone could give... I want to make this for someone special :)
Thanks guys :)



5 years ago

I find if you break the character down into circles and cylinders it is a easier. You can make the legs, arms, torso and head separate and attached them to make it easier. You can check out other patterns with similar shapes and adapt those (for example here is a pattern for a basic body).

As for changing colour mid row, the best way is carrying the other colour along with it -that probably doesn't make much sense but this video illustrates it well.

There are Amigurumi videos here.  One is about adding arms and legs, so should be helpful.

That vertical black line could easily be sewn or embroidered in place afterwards.