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Ampersand Answered

I have recently acquired the following item!


Once upon a time printing was done with wooden and metal blocks. We still have one of the original single colour printing presses that use these old things (now converted into a die cutter).

Im not sure what im going to do with it. As you might be able to tell, I do have a slight thing for Ampersands (hence my avatar). The first obvious use, is to use it as my avatar. Which i am working on. The second use is to use it to print, but i do not wish to ruin it further.

I could use it as a coaster, but its worth too much for that.

Any ideas?


I want to make an ampersand t-shirt. :)

I will, when I get stuff for it. Might make an i'ble but there seems to be plenty of them already. :P

I think you should make an avatar with it.

Yay! That would be one awesome avatar.

How funny, I just had the idea to make a carved wooden ampersand...

Really??? I love it, its my favorite symbol, closely followed by 'therefore'

Yes, really. I've been kicking around the idea for a long while, but I though who likes ampersands.

Ive had an ampersand in my avatar for 6 months at least now!

Can you mount it on your front door and tell people to use it as your "house number" in correspondence? L

The house formerly known as number 7.

Aye that sort of thing! L

You could make prints with it... Indian ink and a little roller, then see how long it takes before you break in the urge to place a huge ampersand in the middle of the wall/door You could also copy it and use road paint to add it to the street.

Put it in front of things to turn them into entities.

Make a silicon mould, then you can cast others to print/play with. Cast dozens in plaster of Paris and make a mosaic over your workbench.

The casting idea is a great one. I do have some modeling plaster, and some liquid latex.

Too much is anything upto £20