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Amplifier Answered

How much maximum frequency and maximum power we can get from an amplifier. I mean what is the latest technology about amplifier.


What kind of amplifier?

What do you want to do with said amplifier?

I agree that it is not a very high power but getting this power in 50MHz is not a easy task. If you think that it is easy thing then prove it.

By denying you the pleasure of learning? How could I be so mean ? It takes study.

If you don't know about it then why you said that it is not a very high power

Did I say I didn't know how to do it ? Its certainly something I wouldn't want to attempt unless I needed to make a 50Mhz transmitter, and not something I'd do for free in any case, but its only an amplifier. With more than 30 years design experience in electronics, I don't think it would be hard.

You can go Gigahertz have fun getting the parts though. Most test equipment you will see tops out at 500 megaherts. But if you want to pay a quarter mill for an oscilloscope that tops out at 33 gigahertz.

How much maximum power i can get in Gigahertz range 1GHz to 3 Ghz. Like maximum technology that till have been in market.

....and then do the necessary 10 years of training and experience to learn how to make them amplify when you want them to, and not oscillate, and vice-versa.

That’s how you get to Carnegie hall practice, practice, practice.
The ones that can don’t teach their tricks.
How do you find a transistors impedance at Q?