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An Alternative K'NEX Gun Site...? Answered

After working on and publishing my new site, I thought that it would be kinda cool to make a K'NEX gun site. How many people are interested? Obviously, I would not bother to make it if nobody is interested, but if people were interested, I would be more than happy to make it. I just want to gauge interest.

-The Red Book of Westmarch


Here are some experimental forums, if anyone likes the idea:


Hmmmm... to me it sounds like a site that would just link to ibles. I do see the insider advantage being able to guage intrest on projects before finishing them and maybe even offering previews on the site. I can also see the advantage of posting things your building and maybe not professional enough (or prototyped for concept) instead of putting it on instructibles. I vote yes or Obama. Whatever works... =D

Does no one else get my joke...? Anyway I understand, you and the KI er's don't seem too see eye to eye to often...

Yes?..... just yes.....

I was kinda refering to nerfrocketeers nascar hall of fame ible.

Sounds like a good idea,only problem is getting people to go there.

KI tried this and, after all its success, died. I tried this and had little success, then died. Trust me, it's a cool idea, but it won't take off unless we totally convince everyone to entirely ditch 'ibles. But we're so deeply rooted, that's not going to happen. Go for it if you want, and I can even set up/administrate phpBB forums if you want, just don't expect it to take off.

You died?! XD

"I tried this and had little success, then died."


That is all very true. I probably wont bother to make another site, as it would be practically impossible to move everybody. Besides, 'ibles is a great site as it is. The only real incentive to move is that we don't get much recognition...

Pretty much. I'm not sure if you ever experienced KA but essentially what it was amounted to a KI where 'iblers were welcome. KI was fine, but sometimes intimidating to newbs and other 'iblers. I posted a handful of things only there (but since posted them here) and tried to get other members to permanently stay there, though no one stuck through and would visit the other sites still. With little faith, less and less people would keep visiting, and it was a cycle of less people coming making other members less interested until I just stopped supporting it.

Ibles is nice. It does its job fine. We just need to stick to ourselves. Ever since they made individual forums for each category, we've never been attached by the community at all. The only thing making me want a site is that we could customize it to our liking and needs. Again, if you want to do it just for fun, it's been a while, so I'd enjoy setting up a phpBB forum again and managing them. I've since learned programming and would be better at adding modifications to the forums. We'd always get a small following. It just wouldn't be huge, but it'd collect members over time as long as you keep servicing it.

Sounds pretty cool! I vote yes.

Hmmmmm... Honestly, I probably wont. TD is right, we are all pretty firmly grounded here on instructables, and in order for a new site to work, we would have to convince EVERBODY to move... not just some of us.

If anything we just need to get KI up again. I think ooda and mepain know the guy who runs it.

well shoot, did all that work? sure im interested but I hope its not like another KI