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An empty city Answered

Via Laughing Squid's Twitter feed, I came across this;

Filmmaker Ross Ching created this eerie time-lapse of San Francisco in which all the city’s streets, bridges, and sidewalks are completely empty. The effect was achieved not by shutting down San Francisco’s streets, but by clever digital trickery.

San Francisco is my absolute favourite place in the world, and watching this video brought on a weird kind of homesickness - there are streets I walked several times a day, some within a block or two of the apartment we used in August, or only metres from HQ, and watching them without the lively crowds is both fascinating and creepy.


Of course, you're a Maker, and you're curious about how the cars and pedestrians were erased from the city...



I remember someone showing me an app that does something similar automatically. It takes several pictures then automatically deletes people in the image.

Interesting. I did note while the video played, that the street lights tended to flash OUT of sequence from time to time, and a few oddities like the wind blowing one way and the flag blowing the other, ect. but there weren't many of those.

That's down to the process, I think - different frames were used to supply the background image with which to replace people & moving vehicles.

I understand. It would be tedious at best to get all those details exactly right too.

Wow, you are vrey obesrvant :-)

TY, it is a trait of Aspies :-)