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An eye opener on PhotoFit Answered

A recent "test" among subscribers to Weird Experiments were asked to identify 4 "photo fit" sketches of famous people.  NO ONE got them correct. 

The blog is here for now....


That first one is thingy, the actor. Not the one that played god in that film, the one that was in one of the Die Hard films, the one with the gold.

Not a clue who #2 and #4 are, but #3 looks like hoozit, the bomber, the one with the thumb (without the thumb?). In Speed. Wasn't he in Apocalypse Now as well?

Oh, I just checked the right answers...


And that's the point. Those four pictures don't look anything like the four actual people used as models.

That is because they are thumbnail sketches. The process is outlined below:
Ma'm, what was the shape of his head?
kinda egglike

Ma'm, anything unusual about the face?
had ears, nose, and a mouth

Ma'm, anything else?
he wore glasses...and beady eyes

Ma'm, you sure?
Sticking up was...some hair, and..and that bow tie.

Eeeeeek, that's the perp him!


I know him. I'm sure Iv'e seen him somewhere. He looks kind of familiar.
Well maybe not.

:-) but I don't remember the bow tie....I thought it was a normal tie?

I wonder how recognizable they are if you know the subject personally.

Why would you know a perp personally, that you were trying to adentify ?

When the police release one of these "composite drawings" to the media, they are hoping that someone who knows the suspect will see the picture, recognize that it's a picture of their friend no good brother-in-law, and turn him in. The research paper cited in the blog you posted makes it pretty clear that the police are hoping in vain :-/