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An 'ible on how to braid kumihimo with a maru-dai? Answered

Can anyone make an Instructable on how to make a kumihimo braid with a maru dai? I've seen websites with tutorials for doing it by hand, but nothing for doing it with a maru dai. Maybe also include some patterns? Normally anyone seeking to learn how is recommended to the book, 250 Braids from Japan to Peru, or something else. However, i think we can do better. it would also hopefully make us the number 1 source for that method as well.



8 years ago

hey there! im currently in the prossess of buliding a maru-dai and learning kumihimo myself right now! if i can get my camera working ill try to get some pics of the construction so i can make an 'ible, if not will try to get some of the braiding, i currently have copies of Creative kumihimo by jacqui carey and also Beginner's Guide to Braiding The craft of Kumihimo also by jacqui carey so shouldnt have any problems getting patterns made up for an 'ible