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An idea for the ever increasing "Show Off" 'ibles. Answered

I know that I am not the only one who has been noticing an ever increasing amount of showoff'ibles, that don't offer any instructions or steps or workflow thoughts etc, and the page is basically just to say "Hey, look what I built".

What I am suggesting is a topic at the top of the website, (next to the create,explore,contest,community,search), named "Show Room". Where people who do not currently have a proper instructable, but still want to display their creations. Could also be used by people currently working on their instructables as a "Heads up on what's coming".
This would clear out the 'ibles section quite a bit and give the site as a whole, a more organized feel.

Those are my 2 cents. Love the site, wish to see it grow even more!


I tend to agree with much of what has been said about photo 'ibles they are essentially about showing off things that people have made either before they joined or for some reason did not document at the time of construction, Iv'e done a couple myself & will almost certainly do more.
One of own photo 'ible's is of something I didn't even make myself, it's a vintage item that in it's own way sums up the early days of hacking so well I just had to share it.
That being said I don't have much time for 'ibles that are ONLY photos, I have seen quite a few over the last three or so years that were simply a single sentence with a bunch of pictures & nothing else, no description at all, no back story of what inspired the make, nothing, just a dozen or so words & a few pictures.
Whilst I wouldn't say it;s fair to dictate to people what they choose to publish (as long as it's not spam) I do feel that at least some information should be given not simply a single sentence introduction & nothing else.

Showing off is unabashedly central to the purpose of Instructables. It is basically the only reason photo Instructables (as opposed to step-by-step Instructables) exist. It makes no sense to complain about people saying "Hey, look what I built" on a site that explicitly encourages that.

... and scrolling down, I see Kiteman already said this exact same thing. I'll leave it as I typed it anyway, in support of his comments.

(I sometimes miss the site's old tagline; "The World's Largest Show and Tell".)

I agree.with this initial post. It is fine to show off, but if the showing off is not accompanied by sufficient info to let someone produce what is displayed, there is a problem. I think a sho room without instructions would be a good idea. I am pleased that people will be able to use some instructions I have written. I would much rather know that I have helped people become more clever and capable themselves than they thinkl me clever. Egoism of a different stripe.

>if the showing off is not accompanied by sufficient info to let someone produce what is displayed, there is a problem

Why? What's the problem?

>I think a show room without instructions would be a good idea.

They're called "Photo Instructables."

I don't understand your last two sentences. You seem to feel morally superior for no discernible reason.


Sorry, what do you mean?

>Sorry, what do you mean?

Although it is admittedly not assuming the best of the poster, I think the implication is that I need peace, because I am not a peaceful person, as evinced by my unpeaceful comment. Or something.

I think the implication is that I need peace

Possibly. But I prefer to ask, not guess.

Here's the URL you're looking for:


Photo instructables serve that purpose - try looking for step by step only...

The idea of showing off without instruction has been addressed with these.


"Showing off" is the whole point of Photo Instructables, especially for those folk new to Making or to the site, who hadn't thought of documenting the processes of their Makes as well as the finished item.

The ability to publish a Photo Instructable gives new members a way of contributing quickly, getting encouraged by views and positive comments, and then moving on to "proper" Step-by-step Instructables.

(And isn't it a little churlish to complain about the way other members contribute their work, when you yourself have contributed no projects at all?)