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An illuminated light switch that will work on 120/240V AC. Answered

I have a fluorescent light fixture that my dad gave me, it was about 9 feet, so I cut it in half and re-did the wiring so it would fit on my workbench. It uses a plug to turn on and off. I know the wall switches they sell at home depot are rated for 120/240v but they are cheesy looking and hard to locate in the middle of the night in my garage. When I come home from work on my motorcycle, I need an immediate source of light. Is it possible to use an illuminated switch, say from, Oreilly's or Advanced Auto parts and add some form of surge protection so it won't blow or pop a breaker? I want to use the same concept as a surge protector, it uses an illuminated switch, but only cause its components are protected by the surge. Is it possible to make my own involving soldering components on PCB?


If you check the switches you can get in auto shops you will find they have two ratings.
One for DC (in the car) and one for AC use - as long as the AC rating is higher than your needs they will work just fine.
Problem is finding one with an LED for mains voltage.
It might be better to get a switch for machine / automation use and to mount it in a box or the bench.
They come in push buttons, turn and other switching configurations and if not fitted with light can be retro fitted.

Like the illuminated selector here:


You take a switch, add a lamp module and switching module of your liking, e.g. NO or NC.

Sweet, I didn't think auto parts store carried AC switches. I was going to resort to buying a $3 surge suppressure from home depot and remiving the power strip from inside and using the the PCB that has the illuminated switch attached. But if auto parts store has what I need, then perhaps I will find the switch I need. Thank you so much.

What is cheesy about a standard illuminated wall mount switch? If you already have a light switch that runs a plug in the wall then replace the switch with an illuminated one such as this.


Alternately you can wire a motion sensor to the light so it turns on as you drive in.

What's the difference between an illuminated wall switch that you can mount in a handy box or what kind of illuminated switch for auto parts is brighter or better?