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An ode to bald men Answered

When I was a child, in a galaxy far, far away, during the turbulent times of the 70's, my brother and I watched our little black and white Zenith® TV. I remember watching shows like Kojak, Columbo, The Streets of San Francisco, The Six Million Dollar Man, Police Woman, and many others. I also watched late night movies like Yul Brynner in The Magnificent Seven. Watching Telly Savalas and Yul Brynner with their manly bald look. Years later when I lost my mane I became inspired by these two actors that shaved their heads during those years. One day I decided to shave whatever little hair I had left and started to proudly show my shiny head. The first day my wife took a good look at me, told me that I looked "sexy". That is when I took her to the eye doctor for a new pair of glasses. I have been showing my baldness proudly for a number of years and I wonder if more of my Instructables brethren share my views. Remember: God made a few perfect heads and the rest He put hair on them.
Yul Brynner (after)Robby, aka Telly Savalas


who loves ya, baby?

It varies depending on who is bald I guess. You know what they say, beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clear to the bone! Going bald is one thing I'll never have to worry about. I have enough hair for 3 people.

Tsk, tsk! No one likes a braggart. :-)

My hair has like super powers. Why when I go out in the rain my head doesn't even get wet under it. Once my hair even saved my life. I was riding my bicycle and got hit by a car, I did a somersault over the hood, I was wearing toe clips so me and the bicycle flipped over this guy's hood, then hit my head on the curb on the other side of the street. Not a scratch on me! Although my bicycle got totaled.

All true. Although maybe I just have a really hard head? I was a little dazed, and looked down at the curb right away to see if I'd cracked it. I really hit it!

Not bragging, just saying. Heck ticks die of starvation trying to get to my scalp. I got some thick hair.


Thick hair represents what WAS inside the head and no longer there LOL :-P

I bet you're just full of facts aren't you?

I might have been being facetious myself ;)

of course, a regular jocose team, we are.

I heard once that if you are able to laugh about yourself, no one can bring you down.

It might be hard to believe but I was voted class clown. Might have been the hair ...

Carrot Top used to be funny. Since he bulked up his muscles he doesn't look funny anymore. And he has lots of hair!
Carrot Top

Oh look ! A bunny ! BTW, I always HATED the term carrot top, I'd argue with people that called ME that by saying the "top" of a carrot is GREEN ! LOL

Top refers to the location on a person, carrots are orange in color.

They use to all be purple, white and yellow before the late 16th century. The Dutch cultivated them over time into a sweeter tasting and more orange colored variety we know today. ;)

If there is one thing my grandmother taught me it is that, "Eusta died!"

Geez... I hope your grandmother wasn't Dutch too! ;)

Interesting.....I knew about the other color's existance, but not anything about their history.

Just so long as the joke is on you. heh.

I believe it would be mutually inclusive ;-)

Say, do you use Chuck Norris' hairstylist too?

I heard that the reason Chuck Norris' face is not on Mount Rushmore is because they could not find a rock strong enough to make his beard.

Lucky! Not only you got hair but nice wheels. What is the car make and year?

That is my 1966 Volvo P1800S

Wet sand it prepping it to paint for about 2 months and you might get sick of it. I know I did, but I got over it in time.

... and scary!

I have a rather sizable "spot" towards the back and top of my head.....I'll soon look like Friar Tuck if I don't loose a little weight LOL but I have had a receding frontal hairline since High School

You're not only a member, but the president!