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Here are some of my pets i have i still missing one of my cats (not in real life i mean a picture) UPDATE i took three more pictures of jack


Your dog is tied to that post... Depression.

:D They're so cute! I like your bunny.

Nice topic, Fender! :-D Your puppy is soooo cute, I love it! :) What kind of dog is he? ok...so these are not all my pets, but these are mostly My pets. The ducks are completely my responsibilty, and the dogs are sort of a family pet... The deer head? welllll.... he's mine too. Low maintenance pet! :-P In the pic where I am holding the duck, that is Ralph. I got him at 2 days old, on June 8, 2006, and he is the sweetest duck. He knows his name, and answers you to it. He will answer questions by quacking, and he will fallow you. He also comes to "Ralphy" and "food!" Lol The pic of the 2 ducks in the grass- Those are my resqued ducks. The one on the far right had been abused, and neglected. She has a permanent limp leg from being chased by a four-wheeler (and repedatively chased by people who hated her) When I got her, she was not more then a week away from dieing. Her name is Daphney, and she's the coolest duck! She is still quite afraid of humans, but has warmed up to me quite a bit. She and Ralph get along good together. I've had her since 2 days past when Ralph's mate died. (I'll tell u about that in a min) Sooo...had her since May 18, 2007. And then Lafayette-beside her on the left. I got her as just a baby, from the same person who abused Daphney. Lafayette has more of the "I'll do what I want and walk where I want...so leave me alone" attitude. But it's funny and I love her. Then the pic of Melvin the deer head.... I did not take any part in shooting that poor deer! I got it as a Christmas present about 3 years ago... so the pic is decently old. And yes I know... I have a stray eye... Lol Then there's the pic of my shoes and the ducks... In order left to right- Lafayette, Daphney, and Ralph. The pic of the ducks in the barn- Well before I got Lafayette and Daphney, I had a pet duck named Rasmussen, which Ralph had grown up with, since birth. Unfortunately, a fox had gotten to her on May 16, 2006. He acted soo sad to have Rasmussen gone. I mean Ralph would walk up to the house steps, and call for me until I'd come outside, then he'd aimlessly lead me around the yard, to all of his favorite spots that he went to with Rasmussen. It was the most heartbreaking thing in the world for me to see! But I see now, that God had a plan- to save Lafayette and Daphney and to show them what a happy life could be. After all, they'd never had anything but abuse... and Rasmussen had fullfilled her life with happiness...so it all evened out. (Btw- that is Rasmussen on the left and Ralph on the right) The pic of the dog- That's Mindy the Schnoodle! laying on me lol She's 3 years old. Annnd...Mindy w/ a hat on. Gotta love it! Then there's the pic of both Mindy and my poodle- Stimpy. Stimpy is 14 years old. Pretty old dog :( Otherwise... we've got numerous amount of gerbils, 3 parakeets, and a tank of fish (then also the fish in the lake)


well your ducks are cute and sorry that they were abused and my dog/puppy he's a chocolate lab and hes turning a year old this Thursday. I have a comment about the deer. Why is the Cigaret in his mouth! love your puppy's Let me guess? there a labradoodle

Thanks! :) The deer- I shoulda explained before, I'm sorry I forgot! lol Well, you know those candy cigarettes? (Sure you do, you wanted to make um) I used to have a pack of those, so I taped one to his mouth cuz it looked funny. Believe me, the last thing i'd ever wanna do is smoke. It's gotta be the most disgusting thing! My puppy Mindy is a Schnoodle. (Poodle and Schnauzer) and my dog Stimpy is a poodle. :-D

It and the cap, kind of make the deer look French LOL You almost can hear him say: "oui oui Madame"

LOL! dude you're totally right, hahaha I should give him a lil' french mustache too, eh?

oh yes, I loveeee horses. :-D don't have one though. heh How could you tell, the border on my wall?

well check this my old teachers daughter has a horse and shes give my 8 year old sister riding lessons

that's awesome! :-D lucky girllll lol I went to S. Ohio w/ my friend and went mountain-ish horseback riding. It was soooo cool, especially when we were riding on the road and the horses freaked out from a car.

My wife showed horses when she was younger (mostly dressage). They are a magnificent animal aren't they?

that is awesome! :) Yes, they are very magnificent. They're so smart, beautiful, and just true power. It is amazing. God's amazing.

Have you read anything on Horse Whispering ? I just love interacting with the horses...

no I haven't! But I'd love to. It's so cool that people can interact with them. :-D

I have gotten along with a lot of animals...it helps to see things from their perspective (dogs, cats, cavies, squirrels). That means entering their world somewhat...it is very rewarding, especially if a "so-called" problem animal can be "brought around" as it were.

Goodhart, that is so cool! It's weird, like, a lot of animals have "gravitated" to me. There was this one horse I rode once at a woman's house. She gave trail rides on hilly/mountainous areas in Souther, Ohio. Only, these were her own horses-not just "I'll fallow the horse in front of me" horses. And so she had rescued all of her horses from places. The horse I rode was named Black Jack- and he had been head beaten in his younger day. So the woman gave him a bit-less bridle. (Had the kind that puts pressure on their nose, I guess) And well anyway, he did quite well with me, and at the end I pet his face (she said that he wouldn't let anyone pet his face-and that was true because I had tried before I rode him) and he just let me pet him for a long while. I even got to kiss his head. Lol And it's weird, because it seems a lot of animals find trust in me like that. There was one other-he was a race horse that my Dad's friend owned. And he was high strung and crazy-especially on the racing days.) And I went there, hoping to take a look at him, and he was just lazily sitting in the corner, cuddling his face into my hands for like an hour. His other horse just stood there and rubbed it's nose/lips up and down my leg,and put his nose into my neck and stuff! It's weird...I dunno what it is about me that the animals like? When we went camping, there was a dog who'd been hit by a car and dropped off at the campground w/ a gimped up leg, and a puppy.) And she just like walked up to me, and fallowed me around all day! I probably should get into horse whispering, eh? lol

I probably should get into horse whispering, eh?

Sounds like you would enjoy it and would have the patience it takes sometime for it too.

I remember my uncle had a dog, a German Shepherd that he had chained out back of his place. Well my family was finished visiting one evening (now this was over 28 years ago), I went outside before everyone else did, and walked up to him. He rushed out to the end of his chain like he did AT everyone, but I showed him that, not only did I not fear him, but I respected him too.
This dog that barked and sometimes bit, allowed me to pet him, and then, to the horror of my uncle, scratch him under the chin (a place a dog normally protects, his throat). I just remember him saying to my Dad, well would you look at that.
So I know what you mean. At the place I did some training (I was being trained to ride :-) ), they had a horse by the name of Razz (he'd stick out his tongue and blow raspberries). He was a bit head shy too, but I went over to his stall and stood there awhile, let him check me out, and finally he rubbed his head up side of mine (telling me he wanted to be friends) and I was able to rub his forehead without him bulking. He would nuzzle me for carrots from that point on too LOL

I was tacking up a horse once by the name of Star, and while I was cleaning the frog of his front left hoof out, I slipped and let it drop.....right on my foot (my little toe actually)....but Star shifted his weight and got off as quickly as he could....even though it hurt like hang, I couldn't give him enough praise for having gotten off my toes without breaking them :-)

We have some cavies that know when I pull up outside our house in the car coming home from work and they start to weep weeeeeeep, knowing they are going to get a piece of orange I saved for them from my supper. Animals can be so neat....

Wow! That is very cool :-D You sound like a really neat person. There are so many people that look at animals as "wow...that buck would look good on my wall!" or "dang that cow looks like a good dinner" and that really hurts when people say that... I mean, I find nothing wrong w/ people eating animals for food. (Although I am some-what vegetarian) But when people think of animals as nothing more then just worthless and stuff, it's pretty sad. More so, when they decide to abuse the animal. Once a horse accidentally stepped on my foot...but it didn't get off in any hurry. :-P Lol it was actually a pony, luckily it didn't hurt too bad. Have you ever fallen off a horse?

No, although I did a nose dive off a burrow once LOL but I was very VERY young and this thing was SOOO much bigger then I was :-) Star, the horse that stepped on me, he and I were best buddies though. He would dance about when he saw us coming with a saddle and bridle :-) I once got double hoof prints on my chest from following a pony too close..... luckily I was not "too" close or he would have caved my chest in (he didn't even break any of my ribs...I think I was just at the end of his reach, thankfully)....still it knocked the breath out of me. That was, oh, 36 + years ago *sigh* I soon learned to let the horse know where I was by keeping my hand on his back if I had to get behind him close (like cleaning the mud out of the frogs in his back hooves).

oh wow! ouchhhhhhhhh! -_- That must have really hurt! Lucky he didn't break any of your ribs. I don't ride often, but when I was younger my cousin let me ride her horse. It was a large, bay pony. (about 14-15 hands) and I wanted to try bareback... so I'm standing on the block (I was about 11 at the time) and I am mounting, but before I'm settled in my seat, the horse began to trot. so I'm holding onto it's mane and trying not to fall. Well...that wouldn't last long and if you knew me-you'd know my balancing skills lol. On the turn in the arena I decided to just let go... I do not remember hitting the ground at all. I just remember hearing a loud noise, and then trying to talk coherently to my aunt- who asked my name and age. Lol ...took a second :-P My head hurt for a while (They said I fell head first...) but I don't think I got a concussion. ...Still dunno What made me just "let go"!! lol

Luckily you didn't break anything (landing on your head can do an awful number on your neck, just ask Joni Eareckson; not to mention a concussion etc).

yesss, really! I don't think it was too bad, cuz the pony wasn't all that tall.

Well, I am glad you didn't hurt yourself, especially your neck. A fall from about 2 feet up, square on one's head with a twist could break the neck. I know someone that fell off a snowmobile and was in a neck/head cage for a long long time from a broken neck. And I don't think Joni was very high up when she dove into shallow water and broke her neck. But enough on that. It didn't happen so all it well :-) There is a fine line between "experiencing life" and being too careful so as not to experience anything.

"There is a fine line between "experiencing life" and being too careful so as not to experience anything. " I like that line! Very cool quote. :-D I heard one the other day....(I know, this is so off topic)- "If a dirty room means a cluttered mind...what's an empty room mean?"

Um, an uncluttered mind LOL Empty is not the goal, organized is the goal ;-) If everything is in it's place (room or mind) it is much easier to find it (this goes for pets too LOL). BTW: I do like making up philosophical statements :-) At least I can SOUND smart LOL

Hahaha, Well see this is the thing, like, When my bedroom is how I like it. (My room has...how do I put it nicely...a lived-in appearance :-P) I know where everything is, because much to people's dismay, it is very organized to my appeal. But yeah, I know what ya mean. "At least I can SOUND smart LOL" hahaha-no you're a very smart person! Can I hear some of your philosophical phrases?

Well, there is the one above :-) I tend to "make them up as I go" and apply them to the situation at hand, but I normally do record them, so I don't really have a "collection of them" however, I do like to mangle cliches and overused quotes :-) "You can catch more flies with honey then with vinegar.....ewww, who wants to catch flies !" LOL Oh for crying outside.....(instead of "for crying out load") etc.

How about the one I made up- "Let's all be artistic so we can see the colors of our black and white world" :-D

Funny thing about the kick to my chest; I was lying on the ground trying to breath...and I didn't really feel the pain until much later. But yeah, eventually it did hurt bad.

Yeah. Thank God you're fine! I can't remember how it happened, but I know once something hit my chest and boy, it just knocks the wind right outta ya! It's really scary... I broke my foot (supposedly) 3 weeks ago on Sunday, and like it hurt very badly- but not at first. So I know what you mean about not really feeling it at first.

Sometimes things like "breathing" circumvent other seemingly less important things like pain LOL

Well, his black nose and nostrils seem to suffice for portraying that image :-) That seemed to complete the whole picture LOL

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I think he's excited about the candy cigarettes and wants to buy some. :P You can still get them at gas stations around here.

candy cigarettes? yeah i would buy them online. sorry im late, been on a "vacation."

Something like that, sure... but meat and produce, probably not. :P

i wouldn't buy ANYTHING thats edibal online (it could be poisoned)

This is true, but then, that is true just about anywhere (not to scare you or anything; but the recent problems with spinach and other products were not from online). There are some reputable companies however that one could buy from: Omaha Steaks for instance guarantees freshness and quality (of course, you PAY for that too :-) ). And then there are Cheese shops I have purchased cheese/hams from, but again, unless you are getting something you can't get locally, it isn't worth the prices plus postage.

I'm not sure, but you may be able to. Look in some joke shops. That is where I found them. :)