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Analog text clock, help needed Answered

Hi everyone.

I'm pretty new to DIY'ing and I want to make my own analog text-based clock.
The idea is to make it write "the time is [five minutes past] [three]" in 5 minute intervals.
I figured if I made two round plates with text rotated for every 30 degrees and make them rotate under a bigger square, then my only concern would be to make a rotation for every 5 minute on the first wheel, and every hour on the second.
That's where I need your help :)

If I'm to buy a standard clock movement (http://www.clockworks.com/quartz.html), then how could I make the right corrections to it so my plates/wheels would rotate, so the text would be fixed in a square instead of moving slowly around?

I hope I'm explaining myself clearly - the end result would look like this:

The time is [five past] [three]
The time is [ten past] [three]

Drawing attached - in Danish, but I hope you get the picture.

And don't mind about "o'clock" in the end for 00 minutes - we don't say that in my language, so that's not a problem.

Any suggestions?