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And now, for something completely different..... Answered

During my early morning walk today I came across the following creature - it was a huge, about 9 inches (23 cm) across. It was the most beautiful gigantic moth I have ever seen in these parts.

It is a Giant Silkworm Moth also known as a Saturnid Moth. This one is (for whatever reasons) called the Cyclops.

I just had to share some pictures of one (not my pictures....I didn't have my camera with me).'
Isn't he just gorgeous?


you are so lucky if anyone wants to sell any they find email me at bored19@hotmail.com.au

Well, I thought it was on it's last breaths, but when I went to look for a container to bring it home in (to keep it safe), like a box from one of the stores I was at (outside mall), it has flown off. She definitely was a beaut though.

She climbed up onto my finger, so she was just barely alive.

I recently (about a week ago), found three big moths all of the same type around the warehouse. They were about three inches wide, and didn't move much at all. (mind you, one was dead). They only moved if you touched them, even then it was only a little. Maybe the snorlax of the moth family? They were amazing. I'm rambling. Ramble on.

It is possible that they were females and had finished egg laying....and the last thing left for them to do was to perish.

That is depressing. Why are they so depressing?

Many of them have a short "cycle" but their genes "live on" through their progeny.

One time I was running and My hand hit a moth about 1/2 to 1 inch wide, it felt weird. I feel Ashamed. Anyway, those moths look amazing!

Accidents happen, and you weren't deliberately trying to kill things "for fun" or anything. Don't be too hard on yourself... Thanks, I really wish I had had my camera with me at the time (but I was on my exercise walk, and had forgotten it).

Maybe you should take a walk just to find some, and bring your camera. That would be neat. And it would sorta be cool but theres probably like no chance of it happening, you could like edit it and maybe send it to your favorite band and maybe it could be an album cover... but it's a moth. What band would want a technicolor moth?

I do that now...and also looking for curbside treasures too ;-)

What band would want a technicolor moth?

Iron Maiden.....oh wait, they aren't around any longer.....

OOOOPS, I meant Iron Butterfly......my memory short circuited again LOL

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Hahahahahahahahaha

It's always good to spot "new" nature.

I went birding yesterday and managed to see a Manx Shearwater - not especially rare, but it's a West-coast bird (in the UK), and I live on the East Coast.

(Other recent sightings include a gannet, linnet, pochard, grey wagtail, a possible early fieldfare and a weasel.)

Very nice. The Linnet looks a bit like our Ruby Throated (or Purple) Finch but the Linnet has a bit more color. the Pochard is quite an interesting looking duck to be sure. The Grey Wagtail sure lives up to its name (the video shows him "wagging" his tail) and he is quite pretty too. The Fieldfare is quite cute too.

I got to witness one of the local birds I don't get to see very often lately, just the other day: The American Goldfinch (stock picture) with information on him here....


10 years ago

That looks exactly like the moths that form the "curtain" of the Disneyland (California Adventure) "It's Tough to be a Bug" "4d movie" attraction, which is a pretty neat hack in itself...

Neat to see one "in real life."

It was an experience to be sure.


10 years ago

Cool! the biggest moth I've seen was when I was growing up in Canada, it was about 11 inches at the widest! Big moths are weird...

Weird ? :-) Well, for those afraid of insects, having one of these big boys climb onto your finger would be strange at the least LOL They look a bit threatening with the big hairy legs, etc LOL

Beautiful! I've never seen one of those, but we do get a fair number of luna moths back home. They're gorgeous. :)

Thanks, I wasn't sure how well this subject was going to be accepted here, but I was so overwhelmed by his size and beauty I just had to share :-)

. Kewl! Luna moths show up around here every now and then. BTW, there's two i's in Saturniid ('though one i seems to be a VERY common misspelling).

The poor thing was on it's last breaths so to speak (a small piece was missing out of his wing, and he made no effort to fly or flee, but clambered slowly up onto my finger willing to get off the hot sidewalk), but what a memory. I have seen some spectacular moths in my time, but this was the biggest one I have ever come across.