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Android Question? Answered

I have an Archos 5 tablet, which is not Google certified, so I can't get market place on it.  Does anyone know how I could watch netflix streaming on it without installing it through market place?  Thanks!




Best Answer 6 years ago

My understanding is there isn't a netflix player for android yet -- unless I'm mistaken.

No, I know for sure that it is avalible on market place... I'm just not sure how to get it without using marketplace. I would also be willing to use hulu or something free like that, but I haven't found anything like that either. :(

I use android on 2 tablets and a galaxy phone...granted, it could be limited by region, but there is no video playback app for android in my marketplace.

As for installing apps from other locations, I wouldn't know where to begin.

OK, thanks. Here is a link to the app on the web-based market. Too bad it blocks my tablet. :(


Yeah, it says I can't install that app for country limitation. Good to see the app exists at least.

As for getting it to work, there is a hack to put a legit tablet id on your tablet so that the market works - I did it for my smartdevices q7. It involves creating a virtual device on the android software development kit, and stealing the unique id from that device to overwrite the one built into your real tablet. Plenty of instructions on the net.

Hmmm... I might have to look into that... (for educational purposes only of course...) ;) Thanks!

netflix has the app available but will only function on a select few high end devices.However they are working on expanding the devices that will run the app

Hmmm... by high-end do you mean name brands, or a good amount of processing power? Even though Archos isn't really a name brand for tablets, they did a pretty good job on this tablet. It runs very good.

I mean a select few high end devices whos makers have worked closely with netflix to ensure they can comply with netflix frame work

OK, thanks, I already tried the netflix website, they just link you to the market website. I'll look in the droid forum.