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Android phone with cracked screen has pass-code, so I can't get my data! Answered

I have a samsung captivate, I went crawling in a cave and smashed the screen. The screen is absolute toast and I can't enter any info or even see anything, however the phone does work. How do I get my data off of it?



Best Answer 6 years ago

If the screen cannot be replaced, take it to an "official" store (ie, one that can account details), present proof of identity, and ask them to extract the information for you.

Thanks, I already had an identical phone to use so I didn't really think replacing the screen was worth it. Ill take it to the att repair and service place and they will take care of it. Thanks!

Can't you get a replacement screen off Ebay ?
Otherwise, if you rooted it, you can get back in via the USB port I think

I didn't really want to spring for another screen because I have another phone, just wanted to get the data. But thanks anyway!