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Android tablet vs YouTube Answered

Fewer and fewer YouTube videos (such as those embedded here) are working on my Android tablet.

I'll see the usual frame image, but as soon as I hit play, more and more of them just become black rectangles.

It's not the videos themselves, as they play on a Windows netbook or an iPod, or in the Photon browser I just downloaded.

Has YouTube changed the way it plays videos,  or has Android been updated in a way that is not YouTube friendly?

I want to keep using the Android browser, rather than the Photon, partly because all my bookmarks are in the defsult browser, and partly because Photon is horrible to use.


hmm i use Dolphin all the time.. and sometimes Firefox
1)try em.. think one of them lets you import bookmarks

2) you might want to try changing the useragent in the default browser.. switch between mobile and desktop and see of they work..

3) jellybean doesnt support flash.. so you might have to clear your cache so the browser tells the sites to load html5 or something other than the flash video..

Dagnabbit, was that all I needed to do...?

Yes, yes it was...

I've downloaded Firefox, and all is sweetness and light.

check out xda it gives how to add flash to any jelly bean android device I experienced same problem went there and now I get more videos . and its free . you can use flash on dolphin browser.

here's a link to how to install - forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1774336

I don't have much problem with Youtube on my Kindle HD

No embedded images in the question though If you give some URLs Ill give them a try.

Poss try another Youtube App?

Most recently:


Have you tried Chrome on the tablet? I find it unlikely that Google would cut it's own services off from one another so it would seem the browser (likely created by the phone manufacturer not google) is at fault. There should be a way to transfer your bookmarks between browsers, one of the many back-up apps maybe.