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Angel wings Answered

Hey, I am interested in making a costume of an Angel. But I can't find a instructable anywhere that shows you how to make good feathered wings. If you people could brainstorm and figure out how to do it, I would be very appreciative.


What kind of glue should I use? And other than a wire hanger and a sheet, what else will I need?

Well you can get fake feathers at any old costume shop or real ones through a stroll in the park. But how would you put them on the silk screen? staples or sewing? if you guys could put up a instructable?

...glue I don't need a pair of angel wings, so I'm not going to make some for an instructable. You should find a way and then make your own ible.

Thats a idea, but what I had in mind was some kind of feathery wings. The kind that would impress people. But I might be able to use that wire idea as a frame maybe? reinforced with cardboard or something. Any more ideas would be a big help

yeah, you use the silk as a base for the feathers and such. This way any that fall off, or if there's any space between them, it won't be too obvious.

. Would bleached/painted bird wings work?

You might take the wire from a white clothes hanger, shape that into a wing. Then cover it with some thin white silk...and decorate.