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Angle grinder uses I saw an angle grinder converted into a hole digger. Can someone tell me where to find it now?Thanks Answered

Angle Grinder


Thank you so much. That is the link I was looking for, just thought it was on instructables. I had tried augers and posthole digger bits and a few others but was not getting the result looked for.

I now have pygmy goats and am planning on a hen house and though each specie will have their own veggie garden I still want a garden for we humans that live here as well.  The animals greens will be grown in trays and brought to them but all the food will be grown inside a fenced area so we can all share.

At least until the veggies have grown strong enough the chickens will have to be barred but will get to go in and hunt bugs later.

Any way I do appreciate your help so much.