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Animals from old electronic parts Answered

While browsing earlier I came across this gorgeous collection of animals made from electronic parts which features, among others, an owl, a deer, a horse, a flamingo, and a theropod (my guess is T. Rex, but who am I to say?). Gears become joints, springs become necks, wires become hair, chips become feet. The attention to detail and overall construction is incredible. I wish I could track down the creator, but I haven't been able to find out who made them or when. Anyone?

EDIT: the author is Ann P. Smith. Thanks, Andib!

Link via Arts design blog


I really like the bird and the owl!!!

Robot sculptures are quite easy.


I just realized I forgot to say thanks for finding this! You're awesome. :)

Damn, beat me to it. But yeah, it does. Next, make a bird that reads your "twitter" messages


9 years ago

There was a Trojan Horse(not the virus) in front of the Vodafone building in Istanbul.I even saw an old IBM motherboard in there!

The virus XD Trojan Horse...What does that mean?

i thought it was talking about the virus trojan horse, I already know what it means....

Interesting...Will look at it tomorrow...

I don't know how they do it, i tried to make one, but failed miserably... Amazing work they have done!

I think the key is to have a mountain of electronics parts on hand. I doubt you could make anything this nice with only a VCR or two.

Haha! Yeah, I think you are right, I only have one shelf filled with 'raw' electronics and a few unslaughtered electronics appliances.

YAY!!! DINOSAUR!!! I need to know how to do this...

How long till we see a velacirapter?

I don't know! A Velociraptor would be awesome...

Those are so cool looking! They seem like they would be soooo difficult to make. I especially like the moose one :D And the owl one, because I like owls.