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Animatied 3x3x3 LED Cube ! Answered

A guy named "portreathbeach" built this simple 3x3x3 LED matrix. It uses a PIC16F690 in a ZIF socket for the brains. Each layer has nine LEDs with the cathodes tied together. The anodes from each LED are connected to the LED below. The LEDs are multiplexed so that even though all layers appear to be on, they're being addressed individually. Video of the matrix in motion below !!


I start in this domain and I find your interesting and well constructed great subject I would have like to know what are stocks tone of transistors, capacitors and if because extremely a site or you bought it? Furthermore I do not find of every PIC16F690 could you provide me some links.
thanks a lot.
P.S: I 'm a french .

The guy who made this has posted an 'ible if you wanted to make it