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Annoying Halloween Newsletters Answered


Here in my country we do not mind about the halloween, so I think this kind of e-mail is a little boring (at least to people in other countries that don't celebrate the halloween).

I'm really getting annoyed with these "halloween newsletters" every day at my inbox.

I already searched how to unsubscribe from this especific newsletter but unfortunately without sucess.

Thank you!


You can use the 'unsubscribe' button at the bottom of any Halloween Newsletter, it's a separate mailing list from the regular newsletter.

Hi mikeasaurus!

How do you know the unsubscribe function is only for the Halloween Newsletter?

I didn't find this info anyware...

Thank you!

He works for Instructables, what he says goes.

Thanks Mike! Unsubscribed.

I'm bored of them too. I don't want to unsubscribe since I enjoy the twice weekly newsletter, but these halloween emails are getting annoying. I wouldn't mind quite so much if the content were better, but a single email to tout 5 mediocre projects seems unnecessary. It just doesn't seem like much thought went into writing them (the emails not the projects).

There should be an "unsubscribe" option in the newsletter itself.

But, after 22 newsletters, and only 8 to go, you might as well put up the rest, rather than lose the normal emails as well.

Yes Kiteman... I will wait...

I just like to register my opinion so the instrctabels.com can think about a better way to send / manage newsletters for the next year or for future specific events.

As the site is an international site (various translations available), they should think globaly instead to think locally (USA).

Thank you for you response, Kiteman!