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Annual Stupid Robot Contest Answered

Forget world domination, the next big thing in robotics is stupid robot tricks by useless robots. The classic rules of robotics get replaced with:

1. It must be mechanical
2. It must be completely useless from a societal point of view.
3. It must make people laugh.

via Neatorama


Make something that does something, but the something it does is really nothing? Right up my alley LOL

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I've got one... Just found this while making a forum topic I had forgotten about, I give you the 'ibles bot No use to society... Whatsoever.

britpissed robot.jpg

Howabout one that reads and displays random Mitch Hedburg quotes?

Oh, I find him pretty useful from a societal point of view though. Now if only that robot could have a floppy wig it would occasionally flop out of its eyes.

Boy I could think up a lot of ways to do this...... :-)


10 years ago

this should prove most interesting and amusing......

Cool... A pointless robot contest! Woo!