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Another Challenge from TD Answered

This is another quick idea I got just because I'm kind of curious of what you guys would make. Basically all you need to do is make a realistic looking gun that isn't actually a real gun. You can base separate parts off of other guns if you want (like using M16/4 magazines for example) but try to make it as unique as possible. Make sure it would seem like something that could actually be made. Give as much fake barrel as needed depending on the type of gun. Also make sure it actually works for both loading and firing. If you have any "futuristic" concepts that still seem possible and not so far-fetched (kind of like the super v concept) you may include them as long as if you give a basic idea of how it may work. I'm also interested in features that make them look even more like a real weapon such as removable magazines and mag releases, charging handles (fake or not), selector switch, sights, etc. Shells would be another cool feature but not required.
Anyone up for it? I'm thinking of making something myself.


FSSG looks alot like a real shotgun, but does not look like a particular model


So you mean make a gun that looks like something out of real life, but it's not really a real gun?  In that case, I think the OSSR looks like an old school 1 shot rifle, but it isn't based off of anything.

Why?  I'm busy with my knex, it's tied up right now making the knexsayer.  I'll see what I can do with the leftovers.

 Try a pistol, it's always fun to try and get a complicated mech into such a small gun.

My assault rifle that ejects shells

yea...It's innovative, epic, could be a real gun, and eject shellls


8 years ago

 Does this have the shape of a realistic gun?

Photo 27.jpg

Depends exactly what it does.

 Right now it's just a single-shot, I dunno what kind of mech I'm gonna put in it yet.  I've changed the appearance of it quite a bit so i might put up a video soon.

Ooh, ooh, pick me! I'm almost done making a super-duper gun! It has many features such as :

M4/M16 Mag
Realistic angled handle (Super comfy too!)
Removable mag
Trigger gaurd
Very accurate sights

And more! I'll try to put up a picture as soon as I can.


8 years ago

 I recently made a gun kinda like this except the mech isn't really new.

I've made a smallish rifle that takes up no more space than the stock of most other knex rifles on Instructables. The only problem is that it is a slingshot and has no mags. I could add a fake removable mag if needed to enter this contest, but it would really just subtract from the looks of the gun. It's basically a stock with the barrel lying along the top and a simple mech for the trigger that came to me as I was attempting to make a tripwire-activated gun. It also has a straight pullback trigger, a necessity due to the mech's distance from the handle. The only problem is getting used to aiming the thing, as it has no scope or sights other than the end of the barrel. It also has no ugly protrusions on the top edge to keep the rubber bands attached; the only thing not smooth about it other than the trigger and guide for said trigger is the top of the ratchet mech that holds the rubber bands for firing. This thing looks a bit like a trapezoid, but has five sides due to the trigger guide and my decision to have the barrel go a red connector's length past the handle. No fake barrel, looks kinda cool, light, and can be used kinda like a hammer. Also sturdy enough to be used as a hammer for nails into relatively soft wood. Or for bashing heads in.
Yes, this is the longest comment I have ever posted. It's probably the longest comment I ever will post unless I decide to.

I'll try! I'm not amzing at making guns, but maybe I could make a half-decent gun if it not real.

oo, oo, I know, I know, pick me! an oodammo assault rifle. XD

I tried making a PP19 Bizon, but the riring system got me confused... Maybe i can do something with the mag, a la Calico, or anything along those lines.

He talking about a gun that is not real but looks realistic enough.